Facility Use

Interested in using our facilities for your next event?

Scheduling Events

Facility use requests shall be made 30 days in advance by submitting a Facility Use Request Form

(see link below). If approved, the event will be scheduled and placed on the church calendar. The Facility Use Agreement will be emailed to the Event Contact and must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event.


Hopewell does not provide Security for non-ministry events. 

Weddings follow a little different policy, please contact our Events Coordinator for the Wedding Handbook.

Use Policies

  • Events are placed on the church calendar upon approval from the appropriate staff, they cannot be confirmed until a signed Facility Use Agreement and payment is received by the church Events Coordinator or Financial Administrator.
  • The church may choose to waive fees for non-profit organizations and/or special circumstances, upon approval of the Lead Pastor.
  • The facilities are not available for use when a church ministry function is already scheduled.
  • Events need to be limited to a maximum of 4 hours.

User Responsibilities

  • Facilities must be left clean (Trash taken to Dumpster, All food & other items brought in need to be removed, Rooms swept, vacuumed, and left in order as you found them.)
  • Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Rooms not reserved are off-limits.
  • When children or teenagers are in attendance, the user agrees to provide supervision while on campus. 
  • No tape, nails, staples, glue, glitter, or confetti is to be used in the building. Prior approval is necessary when decorating or rearranging existing layouts in the requested rooms.
  • Facility fees are to be paid based on the fee schedule below.
  • The user agrees that it will not use the premises for any unlawful purposes, and will obey all laws, rules, and regulations of all governmental authorities while using the facilities.
  • The user agrees that it will not use the premises for any purpose that is contrary to the mission, purpose, or belief of Hopewell Baptist Church, which is a biblically based religious institution.
  • The user agrees to abide by any rules or regulations for the use of the premises.
  • User agrees to be responsible for preparing for use and returning to the pre-use condition all areas of the premises which User will use, including entrances and exits.

Fee Schedule 

Worship Center

o   $150 Facility Fee

o   $100 for Sound Personal

o   $100 for Media Personal

Fellowship Hall

o   $100 Facility Fee

o   $100 for Sound/Media Personal

Questions, contact:

Stacy Hatcher, Communications & Events Coordinator: stacy.hatcher@hopewell.church

Debi Almand, HR/Finance Administrator: debi.almand@hopewell.church