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Want to serve in HSM?

Hey parents! Click the link for a downloadable PDF to help you talk to your kids this week about what they're learning: CLICK ME

If you ever want any information about what's going on with your student and HSM please email pastor Ryan at Ryan.Phillips@hopewell.church or call us here at the church with the number 770-287-3311 and ask for pastor Ryan.

Here at HSM, our foundation is centered around EAT! This is the fabric of who we are and what we desire for teens to carry in life now and in the future!

What does EAT stand for?

  1. ENGAGE with God and people

Our desire is for teens to grow to have a hunger for time in God’s word everyday and to daily apply it to their lives. We also want them to live out & share God’s love with people they see each day.

  1. ATTITUDE like Christ

No matter what each day holds, we strive to handle every conversation & situation in a manner that Jesus would! 

  1. TRAIN those who are under you

Whether you believe it or not, someone is watching YOU and looks up to you! We desire to help our teens apply God’s word to their life, and we also want them to take the responsibility of discipling a peer or underclassmen.

Sunday school is at 11 AM on Sundays!

Wednesday activities start at 7 in the youth area and doors open at 6:30 pm. For updates visit our Instagram @hopewell_students

Be sure to download and fill out our waiver here.



26th - Summer Kickoff! (Wednesday 6:30-8:00)


6th - Summer Small Group Launch

7th-12th -  Summer Camp @ Ridgecrest, NC

14th - Missions Monday

16th - Trivia Night (Wednesday)

23rd - Messy Night (Wednesday)

30th - Outdoor Worship Night (Wednesday)


7th - Fellowship night @ the Gwinnett Stripers game

14th - Serving @ VBS

19th - Missions Monday

21st - Movie on the Lawn (Wednesday)

28th - Slip n' Slide night (Wednesday)


For more information please email Pastor Ryan at Ryan.Phillips@hopewell.church


Click the link for a downloadable PDF of week 23's devotions: CLICK HERE